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OEM7 – Introducing OEM7 GNSS Receiver Technology. 


OEM7, the next generation of NovAtel’s world-class global positioning and navigation solutions.


Follow the above link to learn all about NovAtel’s new range of receivers, Enclosures, Antenna and IMUs.

New features only available on OEM7:

  • Interference Toolkit
  • NovAtel’s tightly coupled GNSS+INS now available on every OEM7 receiver
  • TERRASTAR Available on all OEM7 receivers
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NovAtel Automotive Solutions


NovAtel Automotive Solutions – Safety Critical info (for Automotive market)


Do you have an automotive project that requires precise positioning? Follow the link to discover NovAtel’s groundbreaking initiative to develop functionally safe Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning technology for fully autonomous applications. Also take a look at NovAtel’s new specialized Safety Critical Systems Group and what goes into developing safety-certified products.

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