(Calgary, Canada, December 20, 2017) NovAtel has joined Baidu’s Apollo Autonomous Driving ecosystem – Project Apollo. Project Apollo has been initiated to provide an open, comprehensive and reliable software platform for Baidu’s partners in the automotive and autonomous driving industries. Accurate and reliable positioning is essential to any autonomous system. NovAtel SPAN® GNSS+INS products will provide position, orientation and time as a critical component of autonomous solutions.

Michael Ritter, President and CEO of NovAtel said, “NovAtel is excited to join Project Apollo and looks forward to working with Baidu and Apollo partners to provide highly accurate positioning solutions.”

NovAtel has a long history providing industry leading high precision GNSS solutions that are not only the highest quality but also incredibly reliable. “With our high-precision SPAN GNSS+INS positioning solutions, the future of autonomous driving development will reach the positioning requirements needed for a functionally safe, and exceptionally reliable solution.” Ritter continued, “Our commitment is to ensure autonomous vehicles have a highly accurate assured positioning solution.”

The Safety Critical Systems Group at NovAtel is focused on creating positioning products that will meet the exceptional performance and safety requirements of autonomous vehicles at the necessary production volumes and the required price point. Since its formation, this group of highly skilled engineers has made many positive inroads into the automotive industry, and joining the Baidu Apollo ecosystem is another step towards ensuring the future safety of autonomous vehicles.

Partners can use the Apollo open software platform together with the reference hardware platform to accelerate development of their customized autonomous vehicle solutions. More information about the Baidu Apollo ecosystem can be found here https://apollo.auto/ .


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