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The Tech Lancaster consortium featured in the Lancashire Business View

Lancashire residents are invited to apply for a free Electronics Skills Programme which will boost their employability in the fast-growing tech sector.

The intensive 12-week course combines distance learning with lab-based tuition and provides participants with globally recognised, electronics industry certifications, work-ready skills and the confidence for a career in the fast-paced North West technology sector.

Participants who complete the course are guaranteed the opportunity to attend a real-life job interview with one of a number of local employers, including Forsberg.

Read the full Lancashire Business View article here

And to find out more about Tech Lancaster and how to enrol visit www.tech-lancaster.org.uk/ or call 01524 881554.

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NovAtel Application Suite – Improved Receiver Management

NovAtel have relaunched their Connect software with new capabilities and a new name. The NovAtel Application Suite is an integrated suite of applications designed to work seamlessly with your OEM7, OEM6 or OEMStar products.

After a five-month beta process with continuous customer feedback, NovAtel have developed the new NovAtel Application Suite to optimise use of your NovAtel product.

This Application Suite replaces NovAtel Connect with an improved, updated workflow-driven design to boost efficiency and performance — with no upgrade cost. Upgrade to the Application Suite to continue receiving the best positioning performance.

The NovAtel Application Suite allows users to access their receiver’s many features without the need of a terminal emulator, and communicate with and configure a receiver through serial port, USB, WiFi or ethernet connection.

NovAtel Application Suite provides the following key upgrades:

  • A user-friendly interface with task-based, workflow-driven design to give better guidance and support during setup and configuration
  • A re-imagined GNSS interference detection display driven by our Interference Toolkit (ITK) to monitor and mitigate interference from impacting receiver performance
  • A stable connection to receivers for increased reliability and superior software performance
  • An advanced Playback Tool allowing users to analyze specific events and generate smaller file sizes for further investigation
  • Optional automatic updates to ensure the software is always functioning on the latest version


The NovAtel Application Suite is available for all OEM6 and OEMStar products as a free upgrade to all existing users.

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Forsberg – Friend of the Regiment

We are proud to give valuable support to The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, helping the Regimental Headquarters in providing welfare to serving and retired soldiers, their families and dependants.

Since its formation in 1968, the Regimental Headquarters has been responsible for providing welfare and benevolence to serving and retired soldiers and their families. The Regiment Support Service is a non-profit organisation assisting the British Army in raising funds. One way of raising money for welfare is to produce a Regimental diary for issue and sale to soldiers and civilians which is supported by voluntary sponsorships like ours. The diaries can be sold as way of raising funds and are also given free to all soldiers who are currently serving at home and abroad in the various conflicts throughout the world.

We’re honoured to be recognised as a ‘Friend of the Regiment’.

For more information about The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and The Regiment Support Service visit: http://www.regimentsupportservice.org/

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Empowering local people with electronic skills

Forsberg are proud to be collaborating with fellow Lancaster based businesses Like Technologies, Milliamp TechnologiesOTAQRinicom and Northern HiTech in forming a consortium to develop specialist electronic engineering skills in our area.

The project, known as Tech Lancaster, is the first of its kind in the UK and one of fourteen to receive funding from a £3 million joint venture between UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership (LDSP).

The fund will be utilised to provide employer led, top-up technical training in and around the Lancaster area for both existing and prospective staff, with participants who finish the scheme guaranteed interviews at consortia companies. The training will include distance learning modules (MOOCs) and workshop/lab based tuition to help candidates gain industry specific skills (such as IPC certification) to get them work ready for local employers in the electronics and tech sector. The consortia will be working in conjunction with Lancaster and Morecambe College and other partners to deliver the scheme.

Giving back to our community and putting Lancaster on the map

Forsberg have always strived to support our local community and see this initiative as an opportunity to increase accessibility to skilled jobs for local people in the technology and electronics sector.

Interested in a career in electronics or technology?

Applications for the study programme are open! Whatever your background, if you love electronics and technology Tech Lancaster are ready to welcome your application.

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Forsberg granted Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award

We are extremely pleased to share that we have recently been granted the Bronze Award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) lead by the Ministry of Defence.

This news follows our recent pledge to support those who serve, have served and their families by signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

A Bronze Award is granted to employers who pledge to support the armed forces, are open to employing reservists and veterans and uphold the values of the Armed Forces Covenant. As an Armed Forces friendly organisation, Forsberg have pledged to support the employment of veterans through valuing and recognising the skills and qualifications gained during service when recruiting for the company as well as providing training and career progression for those who join our team.

‘Forsberg already have a number of former military personnel within key sales, technical, and management roles. We continue to demonstrate our commitment to supporting the UK forces and recognise the value that the skills and qualifications gained during service bring to our organisation.’

Chris Mayne, Managing Director at Forsberg Services Ltd.

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GNSS Protection for the Type 26 Frigate

NovAtel’s GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT®) was selected for the United Kingdom’s Type 26 Frigates to meet a requirement as part of a protected navigation system. These vessels are 21st Century warships replacing the Type 23 Frigate as the workhorse of the British Fleet, undertaking the Royal Navy’s three core roles – warfighting, maritime security, and international engagement – on the world stage.

“The selection of GAJT for the Type 26 Frigates is the result of cooperation between Drumgrange, with its proven track record for rapid realisation of demanding defense design tasks, and Forsberg Services, an established navigation systems company and NovAtel dealer whose high-quality manufacturing was instrumental to the project.”

Peter Soar, Business Development Manager, Military and Defense of NovAtel said, adding,

“GAJT is in use operationally and has been shipped to 16 allied nations around the globe. We are grateful for the rigorous technology selection process conducted which led to this choice.”

GAJT protects GPS-based navigation and precise timing receivers from intentional jamming and accidental interference, ensuring that the satellite signals necessary to compute position and time are always available. It is a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product, and comes in versions suitable for land, sea, fixed installations and smaller platforms such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).  Warships, military vehicles and platforms, networks and timing infrastructure can all benefit from the protection that GAJT provides. There is no need to replace GPS receivers already installed, as GAJT works with civil and military receivers including SAASM and M-Code.

Click here for more information about GPS Anti-Jam Technology

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Forsberg supporting Exercise Joint Warrior

Forsberg are proud to have been supporting Exercise Joint Warrior in Cape Wrath, Scotland.

Exercise Joint Warrior is the largest military exercise in Europe, bringing together the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the British Army, as well as forces from 14 other nations. This UK-led Tri service, multinational exercise involved 3,725 Military personnel, 58 Aircraft and 16 Warships. Taking place over two weeks, the exercise ran through a range of scenarios, including crisis and conflict situations.

Forsberg’s Precision Targeting Software MANTIS is designed to Process, Exploit and Disseminate (PED) Situational Awareness (SA) across the battlespace, utilising smart filtering functionality optimised for available communications channels, from HF,  via VHF/UHF to WLAN.

Forsberg’s Matt Harbinson said:

“Exercise Joint Warrior was a fantastic opportunity to be able to showcase our Precision Targeting Software aligned to a number of in-service platforms. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious exercise and support digital fires.”

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Forsberg proudly supporting those who serve.

Forsberg have signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, demonstrating our commitment to supporting those who serve, have served and their families. We recognise the value serving personnel, both Regular and Reservists, Veterans and military families, contribute to our business and our country.

As an Armed Forces friendly organisation, Forsberg have pledged to support the employment of veterans through valuing and recognising the skills and qualifications gained during service when recruiting for the company. We will utilise specialist recruitment agencies who are supporting veterans as well as providing training and career progression for those who join our team. Forsberg already have a number of former military personnel within key sales, technical, and management roles. We look forward to continuing to demonstrate this commitment and supporting UK forces.

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Forsberg and the Light Dragoons putting GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) to the test

Forsberg and the Light Dragoons, one of the British Army’s Light Cavalry Regiments, have been putting GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) to the test. Electronic Warfare is a significant threat in modern conflicts and it is imperative that essential PNT signals are protected from enemy interference. GAJT protects the Army’s GPS signal, which provides vital position and timing data, and was demonstrated on a NATO exercise in Poland during which British soldiers and industry partners worked together to test new capabilities for the Light Cavalry.

Dan Gardner, Technical Sales Manager from Forsberg PNT said:

The Light Dragoons rely on a GPS signal for vital data and we were able to demonstrate that the GAJT-410 can provide protection from interference and intentional jamming and is easy to operate and install. It was a pleasure to support C Squadron of the Light Dragoons on Exercise Masurian Lightning whilst showcasing the key benefits of the GAJT solution”.













Head to NovATel’s blog to read more about the NATO exercise in Poland, the need for building resilient positioning systems and the work the Light Dragoons have done to examine the benefits of Anti-Jam technology >>>

Demonstrating GPS Anti-Jam Technology with the Light Dragoons

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