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  • A customer required a system that they could use to position three objects and know the relative distances, heading and pitch between all three
  • They also had the requirement that they could change the display to match either TRUE or any GRID projection from a worldwide selection
  • Finally, was a requirement to ensure that the system was weather-proof and had a method of remotely viewing the data in real time


  • The CPUPak was used as a foundation for a solution in which three OEM4 receivers were combined inside the CPUPak housing and internally connected to pass corrections from the master to the rovers
  • Waypoints RTKNav solution was used to generate the attitude data between the three antenna
  • The system was built into a Pelicase and all the vital connections were wired to the outside of the case for functionality without the requirement to open the lid
  • The data was displayed by either connecting a monitor to the CPUPak or remotely using a PDA
  • We developed specific software for viewing and controlling the system to include a worldwide geodetic suite that provided the functionality to transform between coordinate systems in real-time