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  • GPS Anti-Jam antenna system was required for the Royal Navy’s new Type 26 frigate to protect GPS-based navigation and precise timing receivers from intentional jamming and accidental interference, ensuring that the satellite signals necessary to compute position and time are always available
  • The system had to be resistant to high levels of shock and vibration, and suitable for a marine environment and integration


  • Forsberg worked in collaboration with a systems integrator to supply the NovAtel GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) 700MS integrated CRPA antenna and receiver but had to engineer a bespoke interface mount to provide compatibility with the ship power, data and RF requirements
  • Design, testing, assembly and production of the units have taken place with further deliveries due in our current contract
  • There is the potential for further contracts as the Type 26 is sold to overseas customers

GPS Anti-Jam Technology

GPS technology has revolutionized modern warfare. Military organizations regularly depend on satellite technology for accurate positioning, timing and communications. Downloads GAJT…