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Off the shelf solutions

We have a complete package of products suited to meet Navigation applications. As a dealer for NovAtel and Antcom we can provide the latest in GNSS technology as an OEM solution or as a complete system. Our team will ensure that we provide the best product to meet your requirements.


Support and Consultancy

Our team is well suited to providing consultancy and support for any GNSS use-case. With the addition of our engineering capabilities we are sure that we can help identify the best possible approach to a wide range of challenges.


System Design

We have a team dedicated to providing design solutions when the scope of your project goes beyond what is possible from an off-the-shelf product. We have extensive experience in providing bespoke solutions designed to tight timescales and strict requirements. Our deliverables can vary from a complete solution to a software package, enclosure or supporting motherboards.


Research and Development

As a design house we are very active in researching the latest in technology to support Navigation. For over ten years we have self-funded research into new areas including GNSS Anti-Jamming and optical positioning and navigation. We have recently received government funding to support our work to develop technology to provide precision navigation in GNSS denied areas.

Engineering Showcase

We undertake a lot of engineering projects that cannot be shared for commercial reasons. To show some of the work that we can share we have provided our Engineering Showcase. This includes a small selection of engineering projects that we have completed and the outcome of each.

Ruggedized Smart Antenna

Design, development and manufacture of a rugged smart antenna to provide reliable PNT in hostile environments.

Type 26 Frigate Anti-Jam

GPS Anti-Jam antenna system for the Royal Navy’s new Type 26 frigate to protect navigation and precise timing receivers from intentional jamming and accidental interference.

NAVWAR Training Network

Creating realistic combat GPS denied conditions for military training scenarios with a remote controlled, flexible jammer network.

Marine Range Tracking

Firmware and hardware developed and supplied for a military test and evaluation range.

Aerial Infrastructure Inspection

Enabling the rapid collection of inspection data over hundreds of kilometres of rail network using optical imagery to provide precise location information.

Precision Navigation for Royal Navy

Integrated precision navigation system designed, prototyped, built and supported for mine countermeasures vessels.

Assisted GPS for Telecoms

Provision of bespoke receivers to enable transmission of data to obtain GPS lock for mobile phones quickly over a cellular network

Video Navigation

Providing consistent and reliable heading and precise positioning for cranes in an environment prone to GPS outages.

Red Bull Air Race

Supplying a navigation system to provide precise roll, pitch and heading for visual tracking of air race participants.

Traffic Flow Monitoring System

Provision of tracking system used to measure the impact of roadworks on traffic flow.

Water Flow Monitoring

Accurately measuring river flow to inform models for flood defence planning.

Train Velocity Monitoring

Development of a GPS system confirming to rail standards that provides accurate velocity.

Attitude Determinations Systems

System to provide the position of three assets and measure the relative distances, heading and pitch between them.