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The Requirement

GNSS is susceptible to interference, jamming and spoofing and lost signals were noticed by aircraft operating over the UK, generally at heights of 500-1500 feet above ground level. Some positioning capability was lost in all cases. With the move towards UAV Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operation, malicious jamming and accidental interference pose a serious threat to the UAV. A primary system based on GNSS means the safety aspects of the landing are vulnerable and not suitable for operation.

The requirement was to produce a system suitable to operate on a UAV and capable of navigating a UAV to a landing zone, and landing to a sub-decimeter position in GNSS denied environments.


Our Solution

Based on our optical navigation technology we developed a system that achieved the objectives:

  • The solution consisted of:
    • A payload suitable for the UAV.
    • A system that used image recognition from a wide angle medium resolution camera.
    • Accuracy at the sub-decimetre level for unaided landing with reliable probability levels.
    • Navigation to the landing site from a 200m radius, in a GNSS denied environment.
    • A solution that provided protection against spoofing.