Through the EnginE project our workforce challenges and skills gaps were reviewed, recommending a range of taster masterclasses to look at up-skilling key staff, and providing us with a Skills Champion Internship to help us get the latest version of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system off the ground.

“Joe Dodd, our bespoke project intern – a second year Finance and Economics student at Lancaster University – had prior experience with systems and operations processes. He certainly met our expectations and the outcome had a positive impact on our business. Even now that internship has finished, the ERP system he helped to set up is live and still growing. We were impressed with what was achieved in the 8 weeks, and we’ve used the experience to inform the creation of a new role in this area.”

Dr Raphael Treffny – Operations Manager at Forsberg Services Ltd.

Joe says the respect – and the impact – was mutual.

“My presence provided an outside perspective, coming into the business with a lot of energy, with a different view on how things could work. I sparked some interesting conversations with staff, and within departments, and we got people coming together to create more efficient processes.”

“The internship changed my future career objectives. I realised that an incredibly positive and employee focused SME like Forsberg makes for a great company to be involved with. I hadn’t previously considered this an important aspect of a job – working with passionate people and still feeling cared about by the business at an individual level”.

Joe Dodd – Bespoke Project Intern, Finance and Economics student at Lancaster University.

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