NovAtel have relaunched their Connect software with new capabilities and a new name. The NovAtel Application Suite is an integrated suite of applications designed to work seamlessly with your OEM7, OEM6 or OEMStar products.

After a five-month beta process with continuous customer feedback, NovAtel have developed the new NovAtel Application Suite to optimise use of your NovAtel product.

This Application Suite replaces NovAtel Connect with an improved, updated workflow-driven design to boost efficiency and performance — with no upgrade cost. Upgrade to the Application Suite to continue receiving the best positioning performance.

The NovAtel Application Suite allows users to access their receiver’s many features without the need of a terminal emulator, and communicate with and configure a receiver through serial port, USB, WiFi or ethernet connection.

NovAtel Application Suite provides the following key upgrades:

  • A user-friendly interface with task-based, workflow-driven design to give better guidance and support during setup and configuration
  • A re-imagined GNSS interference detection display driven by our Interference Toolkit (ITK) to monitor and mitigate interference from impacting receiver performance
  • A stable connection to receivers for increased reliability and superior software performance
  • An advanced Playback Tool allowing users to analyze specific events and generate smaller file sizes for further investigation
  • Optional automatic updates to ensure the software is always functioning on the latest version

The NovAtel Application Suite is available for all OEM6 and OEMStar products as a free upgrade to all existing users.