As NovAtel’s UK reseller, Forsberg are excited to be offering innovative RTK From the Sky technology to achieve RTK-level accuracy in three minutes with 99.999% availability.

Integrating their technological breakthrough of global RTK From the Sky innovation into the core of TerraStar-C PRO, NovAtel’s most trusted service, is the first phase of implementing this technology into their diverse portfolio of correction services for users worldwide. TerraStar-C PRO is now the fastest global correction service to provide centimetre-level accuracy in open-sky environments and across challenging conditions created by buildings and foliage.

“RTK From the Sky technology is the foundation that enables our global correction services to be world-leading across agriculture, automotive, defense, survey, marine and autonomous applications,” said Michael Ritter, Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division president and CEO. “Our dedication to research culminated in an industry-changing technology; we’ll continue that commitment by providing the best positioning experience in speed, accuracy, availability and reliability anywhere in the world.”

TerraStar-C PRO now converges in less than a few minutes by utilising quad-band receiver and antenna technology to leverage modernised BeiDou III, GPS III and Galileo E6 signals. The resulting process generates state-of-the-art corrections for all GNSS frequencies.

“It’s been a privilege to collaborate across the division to develop RTK From the Sky technology and leverage our collective expertise in correction generation, PPP algorithms and the entire positioning ecosystem,” said Dr. Leos Mervart, head of PPP algorithm development at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. “I’ve worked with PPP technologies since the beginning of my career and am proud to say this is a new era of what global positioning can look like.”

This capability is now live within the technology and available to any user operating through the 7.08.10 firmware release for users on OEM7700, OEM719 and OEM729 cards and their associated enclosures for land and air applications. Future firmware releases will bring global RTK From the Sky technology across Hexagon’s correction service portfolios and OEM7 receivers.

For further information or to request a free 5-day trial, please contact the Forsberg sales team:
T: 01524 383320