With awards season in full swing, we thought we would join in on the action and celebrate our 2021 award winners from our end of year Forsbergees.

These peer voted annual awards were presented at the Forsberg Christmas party with categories based around our five company values plus the prestigious Newcomer and Employee of the Year accolades.

Employee of the Year

The most prestigious of all the Forsberg awards, the Employee of the Year was awarded to Production Technician John Manton. John was praised by his colleagues for “having the company’s best interests at heart” and “striving to support a better working environment”.

John first joined Forsberg as part of his work experience required to support his college course and subsequently advanced to an apprenticeship. Towards the end of this scheme, Forsberg were delighted to offer John the role of Production Test Technician, which he has been fulfilling to a high standard for just over a year. It has been a privilege to have supported John’s career progression so far and to witness how valued he is within his team and the company. Human Resources Advisor, Sandra Strong, earnt a well-deserved second place in the voting.

Newcomer of the Year

Newcomer of the Year was awarded to our Shipping Coordinator, Anna Ryl who was commended for her positive, proactive, and hardworking attitude and her “amazing contribution to Operations”.

The Collaboration Award

The Collaboration Award was presented to our Finance Manager, Amy Thatcher, for always promoting and encouraging teamwork and social interaction both within her team and across the company.

The Accountability Award

The Accountability Award went to our Operations Manager Raphael Treffny for his diligent and focused approach in delivering quality assurance.

The Proactivity Award

The criteria for winning the Proactivity Award was demonstrating proactivity and taking initiative in required situations. This was rightly awarded to our recently appointed Project Manager Danielle Johnstone who has delivered outstanding results in her previous and new roles.

The Innovation Award

Applications Engineer, Max Stopps, secured the votes for the Innovation Award for his fantastic ideas, passion and problem solving.

The Progressive award

The Progressive award, was shared between Danielle and Software Engineer Ben Gooding for embracing continuous improvement and really developing their skills throughout the year.

Congratulations to our Forsberg Award winners and all those who shared in another successful year at Forsberg!