Increasing the speed at which devices obtain GPS lock over a cellular network.

  • A major telecom company purchased NovAtel ProPak receivers from FSL in order to provide an Assisted GPS (AGPS) mobile network for their customers
  • Each ProPak is connected to one of their Network Controllers, which enables transmission of data used for receivers obtain GPS lock quickly over the cellular network to the mobile phones
  • They identified that they would need two receivers per Network Controller (1 as a spare) and sought a more cost-effective solution by reducing the number of receivers that they needed to purchase
  • The Forsberg FS-M4 microcontroller was designed to talk to up to 8 Network Controllers simultaneously and reduce the cost significantly
  • We implemented the FS-M4 microcontroller on to a PCB board in which it was able to interrogate the full range of NovAtel GPS cards and transmit data to the cellular network
  • Small, lightweight yet robust housing then had to be designed and rated to IPX7 and pass CE and FCC regulations.
  • The MICROpod-M8, using specifically designed firmware called NavPlex, was designed
  • Enabled 8 Network Controller systems to be connected to the MICROpod whilst the Network Controller functioned as if connected to an independent receiver.
  • The system was factory acceptance tested in Dallas, Texas and remains in operation with delivery of over 400 systems