Hardware and Firmware developed for remote and connected precision tracking for up to 20 vessels on a 20-mile test range.


  • Tracking system supplied for a military test and evaluation range on the north west coast of Scotland
  • The system required all units to communicate with each other and receive DGPS or RTK corrections from a base station and was required to work over the air up to 20km at sea state 4
  • Each rover unit was required to have the option to control other units, and the master unit could control the system parameters


  • We determined that the task could be completed using a MICROpod receiver running specifically designed bespoke firmware
  • The MICROpod was connected to a Microhard Spectra MHX320 radio operating on a restricted frequency to broadcast each rover’s positional information, quality status and built in test
  • Command and configuration controls were issued to configure each unit so that a single expert operator is able to configure and control all units from a local or remote location
  • The full system was built into a waterproof (IP67) Pelicase which was modified for use without needing to open the case
  • The system was delivered in 2009 and remains in operation, tracking assets across the range.

Extended Capability

Our EDGE-NET system is not limited to a maritime environment and has subsequently been used for vehicle and aircraft tracking.