Integrating the L1L2 GPS Jammer with Forsberg Software and a connected mesh radio network; remote controlled operation enables the creation of realistic combat GPS denied conditions for military training scenarios.


  • The UK MoD required the ability to remotely create GPS denied environments when conducting training exercises
  • This would mimic potential combat conditions in a NAVWAR scenario and provide realistic assessment and understanding of how to adapt operations when denied GPS


  • Forsberg designed a system utilising NovAtel NAVWAR Electronic Attack Technology GPS Jammers
  • The GPS Jammers were coupled with radios and enclosed in man portable Pelicases to be deployed
  • Software was developed which enabled the user to remotely activate any of the units individually
  • The software provides a display of the units current status, controls to turn off the jamming signal, switch between low and high power, and select the type of signal transmitted on both GPS L1 and L2