Forsberg’s ReACT designed, developed and manufactured to provide reliable PNT for military vehicles in hostile environments. Capable of withstanding extremes of temperature, shock and vibration.


  • This project originated from the discontinuation of NovAtel’s SMART ANTENNA and the SSII Receiver Cards which a multi-national Defence manufacturer used as a vehicle based GNSS system
  • Forsberg a drop in replacement that mimicked a SMART ANTENNA’s software interface and provided an improved power input range and ruggedized connector
  • Due to the nature of the application the product needed to withstand extremes of temperature, shock and vibration
  • This was an urgent requirement with a prototype required within 4 months.


  • Forsberg based the development on the FS-D5 DSP module and MICROpod baseboard
  • The FS-D5 DSP module was integrated in order to act as a communication bridge
  • The unit was environmentally tested to the extremes such as shock, temperature and protection tests which in turn may have widened the possibility of future applications
  • This project brought together the skills of FSLs software and hardware engineering capabilities. The ReACT was produced, qualified and accepted by the customer within 16 weeks of the project start date.
  • ReACT has become a core product of the FSL portfolio with in excess of 1,300 sold to date