Providing a system to monitor velocity in a high vibration environment.

  • A locomotive manufacturer required a GPS system capable of providing accurate velocity
  • The system was planned to be fitted to their locomotive trains and one of their requirements was to output the data through the MVB data format
  • The system needed to meet rail standards which included high vibration requirements
  • As a final requirement we were asked to mount the MICROpod to a specifically design bracket to allow for quick installation into the locomotive
  • We worked with a component manufacturer who produced a CAN to MVB piece of hardware and agreed that would be the supplier and we would provide the GPS system to for installation and integration
  • The MICROpod was utilised with specific firmware for the FS-M4 to include a velocity filter, that provided a smooth velocity output and met the requirements
  • The MICROpod hardware was modified to survive the shock and vibration requirements and we put the system through environmental testing.
  • FSL delivered the product to the customer in 2011 and they continue to purchase on a regular basis.
MICROpod GNSS System