Forsberg are proud to be one of, currently 22 members of the Electech Innovation Cluster (ETIC). But what exactly is the Electech industry and how are the ETIC involved?

What is Electech?

Electech is the enabler of all things digital and the name given to the innovative electronics and technology industry. The sector that produces the hardware and embedded software that allows products and processes to communicate and have power, enable situational awareness and be controlled, automated and to be operated safely and even autonomously. The Electech sector is integral to the future of the UK’s economy, underpinning a wide range of products and solutions across virtually all industries and Forsberg are proud to work within such a significant industry sector.

Background of the ETIC and their purpose
Purpose: To provide social and economic benefits to the local area by enabling growth of the Electech sector

The Electech Innovation Cluster is a business led group, uniquely placed to bridge the gap between industry, research and development, government and education. Originally formed with the aim to maximise potential and drive inclusive growth and employment of regional electronics technology SME’s in the Lancaster, Morecambe and South Lakeland area, by tackling the challenges and opportunities of changing markets, skills, representation, innovation and facilities.

The objective is to build a reputation for our region to be identified as a centre of excellence for Electech, improving economic output and creating higher value jobs.

If you would like to learn more about the Electech Innovation Cluster or become a member, head to the website