Environmental Management - recycle symbol and eco-friendly earth background

We’ve been accredited with the IS0 14001:2015 certificate for Environmental Management.

This ISO is a set of standards that provide a framework for companies to follow to reduce their environmental impact. It’s testament to our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and improving the sustainability of our operations.

Some of our Environmental Management Objectives that helped us achieve this accreditation are:

♻ Having a comprehensive waste and recycling scheme in place

🥾 Calculating and tracking our carbon footprint, giving us a measurable goal

📖 Knowledge sharing, communicating information to staff, and raising awareness

🌱 Creating a culture where environmental considerations are beginning to feature automatically as part of everyday tasks

🌳 Going digital, limited our printing to what’s necessary

We look forward to demonstrating our ongoing compliance and commitment to becoming more efficient and sustainable!

You can find our Quality Certifications here: https://forsbergpnt.com/index.php/about/quality-accreditations/

You can verify the validity of our ISO certificate by entering your
certificate number 249673 via this link: https://www.british-assessment.co.uk/verify-certification/