Last week, Forsberg enjoyed a successful couple of days at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) exhibition at UTAC Milbrook.
Forsberg are proud members of the Electech Innovation Cluster (ETIC). We explain the Electech industry and how the ETIC are involved.
Showcasing MANTIS during 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery’s winter deployment exercise.
Detecting the illegal use of GNSS jammers by motorists on the M3.
CPUpak4 integrated precision navigation system designed for the Royal Navy
Enabling precise heading and positioning for cranes when GNSS is unavailable.
Providing RTK precision and pitch, roll and heading for aerobatic aircraft.
Providing sub-metre positioning for Environment Agency autonomous river survey vessels.
Monitoring traffic flow and congestion with sub-metre positioning.
Hardware and Firmware developed for remote and connected precision tracking for up to 20 vessels