To overcome your Positioning, Navigation and Timing challenges, we’ve established strong, collaborative partnerships with global technology leaders and pioneers of innovation.


NovAtel, part of Hexagon, is a global technology leader, pioneering end-to-end solutions for assured autonomy and positioning on land, sea and air. Their technologies focus on GNSS and INS (Inertial Navigation Systems), including global corrections services, anti-jamming and anti-spoofing, as well as advanced algorithms for specialised applications.
For NovAtel, positioning is only assured when it is precise, accurate, reliable, available and authentic. 


Spirent are the leading global provider of automated test and assurance solutions for networks, cybersecurity, and positioning. Delivering maximum performance without compromise through dedicated test solutions, enabling you to assure the accuracy, integrity, continuity, and reliability your customer’s demand.


Teleplan Globe is a Norwegian software and system solutions company with customers and operations worldwide. Their main focus is on tomorrow’s information technology and they thrive in the centre of challenges and problem solving. Teleplan Globe Offers Consultancy Services in the area of Software Development and have a family of Software Products in the areas of Defence, Police, Telecommunications and Utilities to address the challenges related to situational awareness, sharing and protection of data.

Inertial Labs

Trailblazers in positioning, navigation solutions and orienting technologies for 20 years, Inertial Labs creates cutting-edge inertial solutions for air, land, and sea. From commerce and industry to government, defense, and aerospace, Inertial Labs is at the forefront of developing and customising products for exciting technologies that include Inertial Measuring, Magnetic Compensation, GNSS Tracking, LiDAR Scanning, Optical Image Processing, Acoustic, Ultra-wide-band RF, and Celestial/Solar Compassing.