The ReACT (Receiver Antenna Compact Technology) Smart Antenna is a compact, rugged enclosure including a high precision GPS and GNSS receiver.

High Precision: 1cm RTK to 1.5m Single Point
Interference detection and rejection
Built-in processor for custom applications
Robust and rugged enclosure

PwrPak7D TM GNSS System

Compact and robust dual antenna enclosure delivers flexible positioning options ideal for ground vehicle, marine or aircraft based systems.

High precision receiver with GNSS heading capability
Multi-frequency, multi-constellation
Built-in wifi support
Robust enclosure

PwrPak7® GNSS System

Compact enclosure delivers scalable GNSS with internal storage and INS options for continuous position, velocity and attitude through short periods of GNSS outage.

High precision receiver
Multi-frequency, multi-constellation
Built-in wifi support
Rugged enclosure

MarinePak7 GNSS System

High precision marine-certified GNSS system providing flexibility and scalability. The MarinePak7 supports multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS signals; centimetre-level Oceanix PPP and RTK correction services; SPAN inertial navigation, MSK Beacon, UHF module, Wi-Fi and multiple communications options for easy interfacing to marine equipment. The colour display and intuitive navigation menu makes setup, configuration and system status monitoring simple for marine professionals requiring safe navigation and high accuracy positioning.

High precision GNSS receiver capable of PPP or RTK positioning
Marine certified
Multi-frequency, multi-constellation
Built to endure challenging marine environments