Our Engineering Showcase 

A range of case studies to showcase our engineering capabilities.

We undertake an array of projects that cannot be shared for commercial confidentiality reasons. Here follows a selection of our completed engineering projects that we’re able to publish.

Forsberg and the Light Dragoons demonstrate how put GPS Anti-Jam Technology protects vital position and timing data.
Forsberg are proud to have been supporting Exercise Joint Warrior in Cape Wrath, Scotland, showcasing our Battlespace Management Software.
Images from a great couple of days on the Salisbury Plain supporting 45 Commando Mortars.
Our valued partner supplier Edgar Brothers have been awarded a contract to supply the Fused Target Locator.
Using optical survey software to identify precise locations on railway lines.
Increasing the speed at which devices obtain GPS lock over a cellular network.
Integrating the L1L2 GPS Jammer with Forsberg Software and a connected mesh radio network
ReACT designed, developed and manufactured to provide reliable PNT for military vehicles
NovAtel's GAJT GNSS Antenna with Forsberg’s Junction Box was selected for the  Royal Navy T26 frigate.
Providing a system to monitor velocity in a high vibration environment.
Hardware and Firmware developed for remote and connected precision tracking for up to 20 vessels
Monitoring traffic flow and congestion with sub-metre positioning.
Providing sub-metre positioning for Environment Agency autonomous river survey vessels.
Providing RTK precision and pitch, roll and heading for aerobatic aircraft.
Enabling precise heading and positioning for cranes when GNSS is unavailable.