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We have been involved in a wide range of applications, covering many market sectors. We provide experience from all levels of navigation including system level application, end use and integration. Our team of engineers offers expertise in electronics, mechanical and software design and development and is suited to handling bespoke requirements.


Forsberg have been involved in this diverse field through a number of commercial, industrial and military applications. Our products are used in spacecraft, UAVs, micro-lites, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.


Forsberg can provide GNSS receivers and antennas to facilitate data collection, control and guidance for farmers to maximise the efficiency of their operations. This precision farming provides the ability to overlay data from various applications and enables farmers to utilise best practices in maximising their yields.


Forsberg has extensive experience in supplying GNSS capability to the automotive industry where GNSS can provide vital information in the measurement and testing of dynamic vehicle performance. The rapidly expanding demand for autonomous vehicles offers further, safety critical, requirements for high precision GNSS to produce accurate, available and reliable position and heading.

Construction, Mining and Industrial

Forsberg can provide a variety of rugged high precision GNSS receivers and antennas designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions.


GNSS technology is becoming more relied upon in the Defence industry as the need for accuracy, precise positioning and time measurements is vital for successful military operations.


Forsberg provide accurate positioning and tracking for port and supply chain operations to improve efficiency, security and safety. Our solutions range from high-precision receivers to inertial and optical navigation systems to ensure the accurate tracking of assets and infrastructure.


Forsberg provide solutions for some of the most challenging navigation conditions in the world. We have supplied equipment for work on a variety of hydrographic survey activities from the equator to the poles. Our positioning and inertial products can be used in applications such as charting, dredging, coastal engineering and ocean characteristics monitoring.

Offshore Maritime

GNSS is applied to a broad range of offshore maritime applications. GNSS positioning and navigation is used in oilrig positioning, underwater cable and pipeline installation and inspection, rescue and recovery, and the dredging of ports and waterways.


Forsberg have worked on a number of survey projects over the years. Our products have been integrated into a range of survey applications conducted in the air or on the ground or sea.

Timing and Sync

Forsberg’s STARLINK range of GNSS signal amplifiers ensure the accurate time measurements necessary for synchronising timing devices over long cable runs.

Transport and Tracking

All Forsberg products can be easily fitted to vehicles, making installation quick and simple whilst the wide selection of antennas and receivers provide a solution for your needs.