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The Forsberg Awards 2021

The Forsberg Awards 2021

With awards season in full swing, we thought we would join in on the action and celebrate our 2021 award winners from our end of year Forsbergees.

These peer voted annual awards were presented at the Forsberg Christmas party with categories based around our five company values plus the prestigious Newcomer and Employee of the Year accolades.

Employee of the Year

The most prestigious of all the Forsberg awards, the Employee of the Year was awarded to Production Technician John Manton. John was praised by his colleagues for “having the company’s best interests at heart” and “striving to support a better working environment”.

John first joined Forsberg as part of his work experience required to support his college course and subsequently advanced to an apprenticeship. Towards the end of this scheme, Forsberg were delighted to offer John the role of Production Test Technician, which he has been fulfilling to a high standard for just over a year. It has been a privilege to have supported John’s career progression so far and to witness how valued he is within his team and the company. Human Resources Advisor, Sandra Strong, earnt a well-deserved second place in the voting.

Newcomer of the Year

Newcomer of the Year was awarded to our Shipping Coordinator, Anna Ryl who was commended for her positive, proactive, and hardworking attitude and her “amazing contribution to Operations”.

The Collaboration Award

The Collaboration Award was presented to our Finance Manager, Amy Thatcher, for always promoting and encouraging teamwork and social interaction both within her team and across the company.

The Accountability Award

The Accountability Award went to our Operations Manager Raphael Treffny for his diligent and focused approach in delivering quality assurance.

The Proactivity Award

The criteria for winning the Proactivity Award was demonstrating proactivity and taking initiative in required situations. This was rightly awarded to our recently appointed Project Manager Danielle Johnstone who has delivered outstanding results in her previous and new roles.

The Innovation Award

Applications Engineer, Max Stopps, secured the votes for the Innovation Award for his fantastic ideas, passion and problem solving.

The Progressive award

The Progressive award, was shared between Danielle and Software Engineer Ben Gooding for embracing continuous improvement and really developing their skills throughout the year.

Congratulations to our Forsberg Award winners and all those who shared in another successful year at Forsberg!

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NovAtel RTK From the Sky

RTK From the Sky™ Hexagon | NovAtel’s revolutionary technology

As NovAtel’s UK reseller, Forsberg are excited to be offering innovative RTK From the Sky technology to achieve RTK-level accuracy in three minutes with 99.999% availability.

Integrating their technological breakthrough of global RTK From the Sky innovation into the core of TerraStar-C PRO, NovAtel’s most trusted service, is the first phase of implementing this technology into their diverse portfolio of correction services for users worldwide. TerraStar-C PRO is now the fastest global correction service to provide centimetre-level accuracy in open-sky environments and across challenging conditions created by buildings and foliage.

“RTK From the Sky technology is the foundation that enables our global correction services to be world-leading across agriculture, automotive, defense, survey, marine and autonomous applications,” said Michael Ritter, Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division president and CEO. “Our dedication to research culminated in an industry-changing technology; we’ll continue that commitment by providing the best positioning experience in speed, accuracy, availability and reliability anywhere in the world.”

TerraStar-C PRO now converges in less than a few minutes by utilising quad-band receiver and antenna technology to leverage modernised BeiDou III, GPS III and Galileo E6 signals. The resulting process generates state-of-the-art corrections for all GNSS frequencies.

“It’s been a privilege to collaborate across the division to develop RTK From the Sky technology and leverage our collective expertise in correction generation, PPP algorithms and the entire positioning ecosystem,” said Dr. Leos Mervart, head of PPP algorithm development at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. “I’ve worked with PPP technologies since the beginning of my career and am proud to say this is a new era of what global positioning can look like.”

This capability is now live within the technology and available to any user operating through the 7.08.10 firmware release for users on OEM7700, OEM719 and OEM729 cards and their associated enclosures for land and air applications. Future firmware releases will bring global RTK From the Sky technology across Hexagon’s correction service portfolios and OEM7 receivers.

For further information or to request a free 5-day trial, please contact the Forsberg sales team:
T: 01524 383320

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Delivering the FTL solution featuring Forsberg and Teleplan Globes’s MANTIS Battlefield Management System

Forsberg collaborating on UK Ministry of Defence contract

Our valued partner supplier Edgar Brothers have been awarded a contract to supply the Fused Target Locator solution to the British Armed Forces.

Edgar Brothers have announced that they have been awarded a contract by the UK Ministry of Defence to provide the British Armed Forces with the Fused Target Locator (FTL) solution for light reconnaissance operations. As selected contractor to the MOD, Edgar Brothers chose to collaborate with Forsberg on the design, engineering, and integration of the system.

Featuring Forsberg and Teleplan’s MANTIS Battlefield Management System, leveraging and supporting SAFRANs world-leading JIM Compact, the FTL solution fully meets requirements for long-duration day/night surveillance missions. FTL draws on Forsberg’s operational experience as a system integrator and positioning innovator. The MANTIS software and solution is developed in full collaboration with Teleplan Globe, utilising their extensive expertise in situational awareness software.

Forsberg have designed the FTL solution as remote-controlled system with manual and automatic monitoring capabilities to maximise tactical situational awareness. It combines panoramic surveillance, threat identification, location, and recognition to meet the demanding requirements of both military and homeland security operations. The user-friendly control software uses full 360° panoramic view to manually home in on points of interest. The system can be vehicle mounted or dismounted and, featuring the JIM Compact multi-functional thermal imaging device, is perfectly suited to surveillance missions.

Simon Oliver MBE, Director of Forsberg, said

“Working in collaboration with Edgar Brothers, Teleplan Globe and other key suppliers, we have developed an advanced technological solution that provides an operational advantage to UK forces in theatre. This illustrates Forsberg’s commitment to develop cutting edge solutions by affiliating with providers with a shared ethos for innovation. Forsberg are delighted to be joining Edgar Brothers in fulfilling this requirement”.

To read the full Edgar Brothers press release, click here

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NovAtel Announces End of Life for GNSS-501 and GPS-703-GGG-HV-N antennas

21 September 2021. NovAtel Announces End of Life for GNSS-501 and GPS-703-GGG-HV-N antennas.

The GPS-703-GGG-HV-N is EOL as of immediate effect. NovAtel recommends the GPS-703-GGG-HV as a substitute for high vibe positioning applications.

The GNSS-501 will be available for order until 31 December 2022, or until inventory has been depleted. NovAtel recommends the GNSS-502 as a replacement. The GNSS-502 supports all bands supported by the GNSS-501, and adds GPS L2, GLO L2, Gal E5b, and BeiDou B2b/B2I, with the same enclosure and form factor as the GNSS-501.

NovAtel will continue to support and repair these products until 31 December 2023.

For a complete listing of NovAtel products at end of life, including the expiration of support and repair for those products, please refer to the discontinued products list on the NovAtel website at https://novatel.com/products/model-list-and-discontinued-products.

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Forsberg Finalists at the 2021 BIBA’s

We are so excited to share that Forsberg have been selected as a finalist for the Employer of the Year category at the 2021 BIBA’s – Lancashire’s premier business awards.

The Be Inspired Business Awards (BIBA’s) are the official awards of the Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and are Lancashire’s longest running and most prestigious awards ceremony.

Managing Director Chris Mayne said: “We are ecstatic to be a finalist in the employer of the year category at this year’s awards. As a company we thrive on new challenges and aspire to advance in everything we do and being recognised as a finalist in these awards reinforces our vision and values.”

This year’s winners will be announced at the BIBA awards ceremony held at the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool on Friday 17th September 2021.

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Introducing the new single-antenna CPT7700

Forsberg is excited to add the new CPT7700 and improved CPT7 to our solutions portfolio. These new variants include all the features in past generation CPT7 devices whilst providing support of 3D positioning measurements including velocity, attitude, heading and heave.

New features include:

  • Low size, weight and power
  • 16GB of onboard data storage
  • Supporting wheel sensor data
  • LED status indicators

Learn more about the new GNSS+INS enclosures

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Introducing the GAJT-410MS

Forsberg are delighted to be offering the new GAJT-410MS as part of our NovAtel anti-jam solutions portfolio.

This low size, weight and power (SWaP) variant protects both civil and military operations from interference and jamming, with jammer direction-finding capabilities for enhanced situation awareness in marine environments.

From hydrographic survey, piloting and dredging applications requiring assured position, navigation and timing (PNT) for continuous operations in crowded waterways, commercial shipping under threat from interference targeting navigation and cybersecurity, to marine defence relying on APNT in contested waters, the GAJT-410MS provides dynamic protection from malicious and benign interference.

Learn more about how GAJT-410MS protects GPS L1 and L2 bands with jammer presence and direction-finding capabilities for advanced situation awareness

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Armed Forces Day 2021

Today, the 26th June 2021 is Armed Forces Day. An opportunity for us as a company to show our support to the Armed Forces and our appreciation to our former military personnel.

AF day 26.06.21

What is Armed Forces Day?

The purpose of the day is to support the men and women who make up the Armed Forces, those currently in service, service families, Veterans and Cadets.

The public show their support for the Armed Forces on Armed Forces Day, but it doesn’t end there. Armed Forces personnel past and present are supported by the Government, businesses and communities throughout the year under the Armed Forces Covenant; a promise by the nation to support those who serve, have served and their families. With an estimated 2.6 million military Veterans in the UK, 900,000 of which are estimated to be of working age it is important that businesses recognise and harness the transferable skills that Veterans have to offer by opening up the employment opportunities and broadening their hiring parameters to accommodate applications from ex-service personnel.

Forsberg are proud signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant and have a number of former military personnel in key Sales, Technical, and Management roles within the company who have played or still play an active role within the Military. To celebrate Armed Forces Day, we thought we’d highlight one of our military veterans Matt Gore to reminisce over his time spent in the Armed Forces and his commitment to serving our country.

From Technical Quarter Master Sergeant to Forsberg’s Technical Project Manager

Matt joined the Army when he left school in 2009. He had no interest in going on to higher education at the time and with a few friends in the forces already, he decided to sign up. With some interest in engineering, he pursued roles within the corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME).

Matt began his Military career as an Electronics Technician in Reading, working on land and air equipment before re-training to the role of Technical Support Specialist (TSS). TSS are responsible for the storage and upkeep of technical equipment and real estate within their regiments as well as training other REME tradesmen in military skills such as first aid and weapon handling.

His first role was running an expense store in the Quarter Masters Department before being promoted to Lance Corporal and posted to another unit. He gained an array of instructional qualifications whilst serving such as Battlefield Casualty Drills Instructor, Skill at Arms Instructor, Range Conducting Officer Qualifications and Drill Instructor, which lead to him being placed in the Regimental Training Wing as the Training Corporal. His responsibilities included training and testing other troops within the regiment to ensure they were current in their mandatory military skills as well as running promotion courses for junior non-commissioned officers. Matt served in this role for a few years before being once again promoted and given a new posting to Technical Quarter Master Sergeant where Matt was given his own storehouse, technical accounts and a team to manage.

Matt (front row) with the training team and students whilst instructing on Junior instructing at 1 Battalion REME in Catterick Garrison

Throughout his time in the Army, Matt has served in Northern Ireland, Canada, Germany as well as the UK.

In 2019, a long-term back injury caused Matt to have to leave the Army. He spent his resettlement period gaining qualifications to pursue a career in project management before taking on his current role as Technical Project Manager at Forsberg.

‘The position at Forsberg was a perfect fit for me. Forsberg’s ties to the defence community really appealed to me, still allowing me to work with the military and contribute to their capabilities. It allows me to utilise the technical expertise and management skills I gained whilst in the forces whilst the support and mentoring I have received whilst working at Forsberg has really helped me to develop and adjust to civilian life. I am on the verge of completing a Business Management Degree which wouldn’t have been possible without Forsberg’s support.’

‘I will always be proud to say I served. I built lifelong friendships and experienced things that most will never get the chance to. My time in the Army taught me discipline and built my confidence as well as my organisational and leadership skills. The Forces have set me up with the skills to succeed in the commercial world’

Matt Gore, Technical Project Manager, Forsberg Services Ltd.

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Tech Lancaster Facilitated 65 IPC Certifications

Tech Lancaster have facilitated the award of 65 IPC certifications for both design and manufacture, including IPC-JSTD-001, IPC-A-610, IPC 7711/7721 and IPC CID, over the last 6 weeks.

IPC certification plays a key role in bringing value to the electronics industry and these certifications are crucial to UK hardware, digital, electronics and Electech industries to ensure high quality design and workmanship.

Tech Lancaster is the first skills programme in the country to award certifications of this type to their programme participants, some of whom have already gone on to secure new jobs as a direct result of the training provided.

As a founding member of the consortium, Forsberg are proud to have supported the growth of this inspirational training organisation which is already delivering value to the industry, region and individuals.

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Forsberg commit to driving diversity, inclusion and innovation in the Technology Industry.

Forsberg are proud to be a Signatory of the Tech Talent Charter, pledging to drive diversity, inclusion and innovation in the UK technology industry.

Although we’ve always been champions of diversity within our industry, signing the Tech Talent Charter is an important next step for us to formally pledge our commitment and to have the support and accountability from the TTC, whilst offering valuable insight to ensure our practices are the best they can possibly be to encourage a diverse workforce.

What is the Tech Talent Charter?

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a non-profit organisation leading a movement to address inequality in the UK tech sector and drive inclusion and diversity in a practical and uniquely measurable way. The TTC’s ultimate goal is that the UK tech sector becomes truly inclusive and a reflection of the society which it represents. There are now over 500 UK employers of tech involved with the TTC and working together to drive change.

Although it is very much an employer-led initiative, the TTC is supported by the UK Government’s Digital Strategy.

The importance of greater inclusion and diversity in tech is, thankfully, no longer up for debate. Sectors and organisations now need to work together to shift the dial – and this will happen a lot quicker if we pool our successes, failures, ideas and learn from them to bring about real structural change.

In our inaugural report we stressed the importance of collaboration. One single company can’t do it alone, which is why we’re asking organisations to sign up to the Tech Talent Charter”.

Debbie Forster CEO of Tech Talent Charter
1200 x 628

Why we’ve joined the Tech Talent Charter

Diversity in all forms is crucial to the success of any industry, having a diverse workforce of people from different genders, backgrounds and experiences ensures we are representative not only locally but on a global scale. Increasing diversity in our sector is something we believe we, and all other businesses must do.

“Forsberg are committed to removing as many barriers to tech as possible and providing equal opportunity for all. We’ve always been committed to inclusive recruitment practices and recognise the importance of a diverse workforce, joining the Tech Talent Charter is an important next step for us and we look forward to working with other employers across the UK to make even more of a difference to our industry and our community.“

 Chris Mayne, MD of Forsberg Services and TTC Senior Signatory

The charter outlines a number of pledges, here’s what we’re doing to show our commitment and make a difference:

Inclusive recruitment processes

We’re improving inclusion by ensuring our in-house hiring policy is equitable and free of discrimination whilst adopting inclusive recruitment and promotion processes and practices to support the development and retention of a diverse workforce.

Driving best practice

We already work collaboratively across industry, most actively through our involvement with industry led training organisation Tech Lancaster. Through joining the TCC, we’re excited to work collaboratively with other signatories to share best practices and further develop our individual and collective approach to increase diversity in tech.

Contributing data

We will contribute our employment diversity data for inclusion in the annual Diversity in Tech report. By contributing to generating more accurate data, we can help to provide information, invaluable to tackling the wider problem to help build a more diverse and inclusive industry.

We’re proud to be a part of the Tech Talent Charter, driving future change for the Technology Industry.

For more information on the Tech Talent Charter, please visit their website here: https://www.techtalentcharter.co.uk/

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