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OEM7 – Introducing OEM7 GNSS Receiver Technology. 


OEM7, the next generation of NovAtel’s world-class global positioning and navigation solutions.


Follow the above link to learn all about NovAtel’s new range of receivers, Enclosures, Antenna and IMUs.

New features only available on OEM7:

  • Interference Toolkit
  • NovAtel’s tightly coupled GNSS+INS now available on every OEM7 receiver
  • TERRASTAR Available on all OEM7 receivers
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NovAtel Automotive Solutions


NovAtel Automotive Solutions – Safety Critical info (for Automotive market)


Do you have an automotive project that requires precise positioning? Follow the link to discover NovAtel’s groundbreaking initiative to develop functionally safe Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning technology for fully autonomous applications. Also take a look at NovAtel’s new specialized Safety Critical Systems Group and what goes into developing safety-certified products.

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Launch of NovAtel’s Next-Generation OEM7™ GNSS Technology


Today at ION GNSS+ 2016, NovAtel Inc. (NovAtel), the world’s leading supplier of high precision OEM Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning technology, unveiled its new OEM7 positioning engine. Leveraging previous generations of precise positioning know-how, the OEM7 incorporates new innovative capabilities and features that significantly enhance GNSS-based positioning reliability, accuracy and availability.

The OEM7 family expands the receiver options open to system integrators, making it easier than ever to match customer application requirements to the optimal positioning solution. Five GNSS receiver cards are available, including the new OEM7600, the company’s smallest, lightest dual-frequency receiver card ever developed. All cards have 555 available channels, are multi-constellation and multi-frequency and provide new advanced interference awareness and mitigation capabilities. Additionally, every OEM7 card can receive satellite-based TerraStar correction signals, making centimetre level positioning globally available. A new compact enclosure, the PwrPak7™, houses OEM7 receiver technology, plus offers 16 GB onboard data storage, built-in Wi-Fi and serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet for ease of integration.


A cornerstone of the OEM7 platform is the Interference Toolkit™. The Interference Toolkit is used to detect sources of interference and intentional and unintentional jamming, and then mitigates such occurrences using proprietary NovAtel filters. Integrators can take advantage of a spectrum analysis function that identifies which GNSS frequency is experiencing the interference. Further, it can also detect electromagnetic interference caused by other components in an integration project, allowing developers to implement the filter and eliminate the problem.

“As we see more complex positioning systems being developed, for autonomous vehicles for example, GNSS positioning accuracy and availability needs to be more reliable than ever,” states Pat Fenton, VP Technology & Chief Technology Officer for NovAtel. “This means our technology must be able to not only identify when interference and jamming is occurring, but also address and eliminate instances of inaccurate or unavailable positioning. The OEM7 does this.”

L-Band functionality on every OEM7 receiver enables satellite delivery of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) correction data directly to the receiver. Utilizing correction data from the TerraStar network, this satellite delivery method means centimetre level positioning is possible to a broader range of applications, particularly in more complex positioning environments where setting up a Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction network may be difficult or impossible. With 80 ground reference stations, and triple system redundancies built in, TerraStar offers users at least two satellite beams, anywhere on the planet.

NovAtel’s market leading SPAN® technology is supported on every OEM7 receiver, adding to the reliability of the positioning solution. SPAN tightly-couples NovAtel’s GNSS technology with a number of available Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to provide robust, continuous 3D positioning, velocity and attitude, even through periods of blocked or unavailable signal reception.

The NEW OEM7 GNSS Receiver Family





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Celebrating 20 Years as a NovAtel Dealer

Dealer Award photo

NovAtel’s Vice-President of Sales, Steve Duncombe, Presents Operations Director Chris Mayne with Dealer Award.

Forsberg Services were honoured to receive an award in recognition of 20 years’ service as a NovAtel Dealer.

Initially a sales outlet for NovAtel products, since 1996 we have sold directly the market leading technology directly and as part of our GNSS systems and services. Today we are proud to represent NovAtel in the U.K. and provide the full NovAtel; product line to a wide range of applications.

The beautiful, hand-carved one-of-a-kind Soapstone Bear was presented to our Operations Director Chris Mayne by NovAtel’s VP of Sales Steve Duncombe during a recent visit to NovAtel’s Calgary headquarters. He is set to have pride of place at Forsberg Services.

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New TerraStar-L Correction Service from NovAtel® Ensures Continuous Positioning for Broad Accuracy Applications

NovAtel Inc. have announced TerraStar-L, a new 40 centimetre (cm) Precise Point Positioning (PPP) correction service.

TerraStar-L is a subscription based correction service that delivers GNSS correction data via satellite to users of precision navigation systems. Position accuracy of 40 cm makes TerraStar-L ideal for broad accuracy applications such as agriculture, GIS or unmanned vehicle navigation, particularly where tree lines, buildings and other obstructions can be an impediment to continuous positioning.

With the addition of the new TerraStar-L correction service, NovAtel now offers two levels of PPP corrections through its NovAtel CORRECT positioning engine; the new 40 cm accuracy service, and a 4 cm service through its TerraStar-C solution. By offering two diverse accuracy options, customers have the flexibility to choose the performance level best suited to their application. The correction data for both services provides consistent worldwide accuracy and is delivered over satellite which eliminates the need for a local base station.

“The robustness and redundancy built in to the TerraStar network infrastructure makes TerraStar correction data extremely reliable,” stated Sara Masterson, Business Development Manager of Correction Services at NovAtel. “When our customers operate in environments with obstructions that can block GNSS signals, TerraStar-L offers a repeatable 40 cm solution, reducing position drifts or jumps. This maximizes uptime and productivity for our customers by providing fast initialization to a reliable decimetre position.”

NovAtel CORRECT with PPP combines GNSS satellite clock and orbit correction data from TerraStar’s global reference station network service to deliver solutions with high accuracy and instant re-convergence in challenging environments.

Additional information on NovAtel’s PPP solutions can be found at:
TerraStar GNSS Corrections

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Visit us at GeoBusiness 2016

We are exhibiting at this year’s Geo Business exhibition. The show will be running on the 24th-25th May at the Business Design Centre in London

You can find us at Stand M19.

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NovAtel Inc. Announces OEM628, FlexPak6 and SMART6-L Firmware Version 6.700

NovAtel Inc. have announced the release of version 6.700 firmware for OEM628, FlexPak6, and SMART6-L GNSS receivers.

General updates include:

  • OEM628 Release (supports OEM628 based platforms)
  • Support for Terrastar-L 40 cm PPP service
  • Improvements to Terrastar-C convergence times – faster convergence to 20 cm accuracy
  • Introduction of TerraStar Speed restrictions. All Land and Agriculture subscriptions are now subject to a speed restriction of 36 m/s (or 129.6 km/h)
  • Improved Autosurvey feature. User can auto survey and save up to 32 positions in memory (for use on Smart6-L with RELAY)
  • L-band tracking improvements – faster recovery after brief signal blockages
  • Fix for use with Virtual Reference Stations (VRS) that re-cycle their base station IDs. RTK position jumps were possible after a loss of NTRIP connection when the VRS location changed but base station ID did not
  • Added PGN129027 Position Delta, Rapid Update (10Hz) message to the CAN output messages.

6.700 New Comman­­­­­ds:


NovAtel is committed to providing excellent value to our customers in the form of firmware updates and upgrades. By providing this functionality as a firmware update, customers can apply it to their existing receivers, enabling quick changeover and no downtime. This firmware update is available free of charge to all customers.

Download here: OEM6 Family Firmware

For more information on NovAtel’s OEM6 products, visit:

NovAtel OEM Receivers

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