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NovAtel’s integrated global positioning solutions deliver success time and time again on land, sea and in the air. We help many of the world’s leading companies stay in the lead by consistently delivering OEM global satellite positioning products that are recognized for their technical innovation, unsurpassed quality and industry-leading customer support.

OEM Receivers

NovAtel OEM Receivers

High Precision GNSS Receivers: NovAtel’s OEM GNSS receiver platform offers multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU), multi-frequency tracking and features flexibility, low power consumption, field upgradeable software and comprehensive message suites for ease of configuration and data logging.


FlexPak6 (End of Life)

End of Life Notice: Effective June 5,  2018 NovAtel Announces End of Life of the FlexPak6 These products will be available for order until: July 31, 2018 (or until  inventory has been depleted) Shipments may be scheduled for no later tha…

ProPak6™ (End of Life)

End of Life Notice:  EOL Bulletin ProPak6 and ProPak6D ProPak6 ™ provides the most sophisticated enclosure product manufactured by NovAtel. From standalone metre-level to RTK centimetre-level positioning, the ProPak6™ is flexible to meet your …

Smart Antenna

SMART6 (End of Life)

End of Life Notice:  EOL Bulletin SMART6 and SMART6L The SMART6 integrates NovAtel’s OEM6® receiver and Pinwheel® antenna technologies in a single, rugged housing. Software upgradable, the SMART6 eliminates the need for costly hardware replacement as …

SMART6-L (End of Life)

End of Life Notice:  EOL Bulletin SMART6 and SMART6L The SMART6-L integrates NovAtel’s OEM6® receiver and Pinwheel® antenna technologies in a single, rugged housing. Software upgradable, the SMART6-L eliminates the need for costly hardware repl…


NovAtel’s AG-STAR provides an integrated L1 GPS+GLONASS receiver and antenna in a single rugged housing. Designed to meet or exceed stringent MIL-STD-810G specifications, the AG-STAR delivers built-in magnets to simplify mounting.

GNSS Antenna

Compact Antennas

Whether you require a light, low profile GNSS antenna for aviation applications or a small but more robust, heavy duty antenna for agricultural or machine control applications, our ANT line of compact GNSS antennas offers a variety of form factors and configurations suitable for space constrained environments.

High Performance GNSS Antennas

NovAtel’s GPS-700 Series antennas have a sleek, compact form factor and are recognized for their superior multipath rejection and highly stable phase center. With NovAtel’s patented Pinwheel® technology, these OEM GNSS antennas provide choke ring like performance without the cumbersome size and weight.

Anti-Jam Technology

GPS Anti-Jam Technology

  GPS technology has revolutionized modern warfare. Military organizations regularly depend on satellite technology for accurate positioning, timing and communications.

SPAN Inertial Technology


Inertial Measurement Units SPAN® technology tightly couples NovAtel’s OEMV® GNSS receiver technology with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). NovAtel markets a variety of IMUs from leading IMU manufacturers. This provides our customers with the opportunity to select an IMU that offers the accuracy or price point their application requires.


Systems that use our MIC interface card to couple SPAN GNSS receiver boards to a range of, compact MEMS IMUs. A powerful solution for application developers who are looking for continuous position, velocity and attitude but are faced with weight, size and/or power constraints.

SPAN Combined Systems

Single enclosure GPS/INS systems are ideal for space constrained applications, integrating GPS receiver technology with Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) and Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometer inertial components in a single compact unit.