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End of Life Notice: EOL Bulletin SMART6 and SMART6L

The SMART6-L integrates NovAtel’s OEM6® receiver and Pinwheel® antenna technologies in a single, rugged housing. Software upgradable, the SMART6-L eliminates the need for costly hardware replacement as requirements change, while delivering scalable accuracy and performance.



SMART6-L-User Manual

SmartAntennasBrochure v13


  • 120 channels
  • Multi-constellation tracking
  • Rugged, integrated design
  • Proven NovAtel Pinwheel® antenna technology inside


  • Dual-frequency tracking increases position reliability and mitigates ionospheric effects
  • Centimetre-level accuracy using NovAtel CORRECT™ RTK positioning
  • Increased position availability with GLONASS tracking
  • Smooth, consistent positions for pass-to-pass applications with GLIDE™ technology

Multi-Constellation for Enhanced Positioning

Capable of tracking L1, L2 GPS+GLONASS and L-Band, the SMART6-L improves position availability in obstructed sky conditions. Dual-frequency tracking minimizes the impact of ionospheric disturbances, further enhancing field productivity. Optional L-Band tracking improves positioning accuracy outside of L1 SBAS coverage areas.

Smooth Pass -to-Pass Accuracy using GLIDE

SMART6-L features NovAtel’s GLIDE™ technology to provide ultra-smooth positioning and exceptional pass-to-pass accuracy. GLIDE’s™ steady, smooth output is especially suited for manual guidance and auto-steer applications and will bridge through short periods of poor satellite availability. Dual-frequency GLIDE™ further improves the absolute accuracy of the GLIDE™ position and creates a robust solution, resistant to the effects of high ionospheric activity.

Multiple Interfaces for Maximum Flexibility

NMEA 0183 compatible RS-232 serial ports and a NMEA2000 compatible CAN port provide maximum flexibility. The SMART6-L also provides 1 PPS output, an event mark input and three daylight readable status LEDs. Built-in magnets simplify mounting although fixed mounting options are also available.