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End Of Life Notice
The OEM617 range of receivers will be unavailable from the 29th September 2017. Please contact sales@forsbergpnt.com for information on available replacement products including NovAtel’s OEM719.

The OEM617 offers future ready, precise positioning for space constrained applications and is backward compatible with NovAtel’s existing and popular OEM615 form factor. The new signal tracking capability improves the position availability in more regions of the world by offering triple constellation dual frequency positioning.


OEM617 v2

Receivers Brochure v21


  • Increased satellite availability with BeiDou, GLONASS and Galileo tracking
  • L1, L2, L2C, B1, B2, E1 and E5b signal tracking
  • GLIDE™ smoothing algorithm
  • RT-2®, ALIGN® and RAIM firmware options
  • SPAN® INS functionality


  • Easy to integrate
  • Low power consumption
  • API reduces hardware requirements and system complexity


OEM617 Systems:

The OEM617 GNSS Receiver can be provided as an enclosed product in the following systems:


The OEM617 is capable of operating NovAtel’s SPAN® technology for a complete INS solution.