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End Of Life Notice
The OEM628 range of receivers will be unavailable from the 29th September 2017. Please Contact sales@forsbergpnt.com for information on available replacement products including NovAtel’s OEM729.


The OEM628 features configurable channels to optimize satellite availability in any condition, no matter how challenging. The receiver is software upgradable to track future signals as they become available. Maximizing satellite availability and optimizing GNSS signal usage now, and in the future, ensures consistent, high performance GNSS positioning



  • Low power consumption
  • Flexible communication interfaces
  • Software configurable performance
  • High position accuracy and availability
  • SPAN® INS functionality


  • Innovative OEM6® technology
  • Supports current and future GNSS signals
  • Application based configurations
  • Designed for rapid integration

Easy System Integration

The OEM628 is designed and built with a focus on product quality and ease of integration. It maintains our industry setting OEMV-2 form factor, ensuring easy drop-in replacement, and provides a backward compatible command and log interface for existing customers. An integrator’s development kit and user friendly configuration software are available to assist new customers with integration, enabling faster time to market. NovAtel’s well established, comprehensive set of software commands also facilitates system integration. Ethernet and NTRIP 2.0 Client and Server connectivity is offered in addition to our traditional communications interfaces.

Flexible Configurations for your Application

Proven, innovative NovAtel technology combines to achieve the best in GNSS positioning. NovAtel’s industry leading Pulse Aperture Correlator (PAC) multipath mitigation technology is standard and ensures the highest quality measurements and positioning. The OEM628 provides excellent resistance to interference for consistent, accurate and reliable positioning. Configurable options ensure your positioning and accuracy needs are always met.