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Active L1 GPS, L1 GLONASS and L-Band antennas.

Antcom’s G3 Antennas have filters for better RTK performance and can be designed to your specification.

Antcom’s extensive range of G3 antenna includes:

2.5″ diameter, with LNA, TNC-Bulkhead with N Connector Thread on Bulkhead, Gloss White.

7″ diameter Conical Choke Ring, with LNA, TNC Connector, Survey Mount, Black.

Bare on 5″ Diameter Ground Plane, with LNA, MMCX-R Connector Cable, Gloss White

Antenna for Train/Rail Road/Truck Applications L1GPS/GLONASS/L-Band, 33dB LNA, no cable, NBulkhead Connector, Lusterless Red

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