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Antcom G8 Banner

Antcom’s G8 Antenna are Quad-Feed High Performance Geodetic GNSS Antennas with high reliability low noise and high gain.

Antcom’s extensive range of G8 antenna includes:

5.0″ Diameter Survey Mount GNSS antenna, with 40dB LNA, TNC Connector, Gloss White

2.8″ SQ. Unmanned on ARINC 743 Foot Print GNSS Antenna, 40dB LNA, SMA Connector, Desert Tan

5.0″ Diameter Fixed Mount GNSS RHCP/LHCP Antenna, 40dB LNA, SMA Connector, Olive Green

Arinc 743 Avionic Blade GNSS + COM Antenna, 40dB LNA, TNC Conectors, Gloss White

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