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Antcom produce a broad range of single band and multi-band yagi, conical, spiral, horn, biconical, helical, blade and microstrip patch based antennas in the UHF, VHF, Cellular/GSM, WiFi and Broadband frequency bands

Antcom’s extensive range of antenna includes:

UHF + L1L2 GPS + Iridium Antenna, 5.16” Tall Blade, Top Mount Configuration, Lusterless Grey, with 12in RG-400 Cables

High Power (1 Kwatt) LHCP L1/L2 GPS Antenna Feed for 2.1m/7ft Reflector, 6.2” Dia. X 4.5” Height, Front/Back Mount Configuration. Other Frequencies, Polarizations are available

LTE/GSM/UMTS-Band Antenna, 1.00” Diameter x 4.20” Tall, Swivel, Side Mount Configuration

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