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NovAtel’s GPS-700 Series antennas have a sleek, compact form factor and are recognized for their superior multipath rejection and highly stable phase center.


Antennas Brochure v17

With NovAtel’s patented Pinwheel® technology, these OEM GNSS antennas provide choke ring like performance without the cumbersome size and weight.

GPS-713-GGG-N and GPS-713-GGGL-N

The GPS-713-GGG-N  has the ability to  provide enhanced Inmarsat interference rejection, to allow tracking of GNSS signals in the presence of high powered Inmarsat transmitters, typically found on marine vessels.


The GPS-704-X GNSS passive antenna features improved performance to ensure excellent operation in all GPS, Galileo and GLONASS frequency bands. The antenna also includes NovAtel’s patented Pinwheel echnology for excellent multi-path rejection and phase center stability.