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Delivering precision multi-frequency and multi-GNSS simulation. The GSS9000 Series offers the very best in performance, flexibility, and capability to GNSS developers, delivering maximum performance without compromise.

GSS9000 Ultimate Flexibility, Supreme Performance, Comprehensive Capability

  • To develop positioning, navigation and timing systems for military, space, and other high precision applications you require comprehensive, highly sophisticated testing. The updated GSS9000 Series multi-frequency, multi-GNSS RF constellation simulator sets a new standard of excellence in future-proofed simulation for R&D and performance testing.
  • Powered by SimGEN®, and using the latest state-of-the-art technology designed specifically for GNSS signal simulation, the GSS9000 Series produces a comprehensive range of emulated RF signals with industry-leading flexibility, fidelity, performance and reliability.
  • The GSS9000 supports an extensive range of constellation configurations, from GPS L1 C/A through to multi-GNSS, multi-frequency systems including authorised signals. Configurations are available that support multi-antennas and multi-vehicles, for example differential-GNSS, attitude determination, interference/jamming and spoofing and Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) testing.

GSS9000 key attributes

  • World-leading performance in several key areas such as:
    • 1000 Hz System Iteration Rate (SIR) and Hardware Update Rate (HUR)
    • 0.3 mm RMS Pseudorange Accuracy
    • 0 mm uncertainty due to inter-channel bias
    • <0.005 Rad RMS Phase Noise
  • Highly flexible configurations selectable via a ‘cabinet’ of feature licence keys
  • Complete portability of Spirent SimGEN™ scenarios
  • In-field upgradeability of principal GNSS functionality and capability
  • On-the-fly re-configuration of constellation and signal configurations
  • All GNSS constellation types and all frequencies brought into a single chassis
  • Multi-RF output options available
  • Embedded Interference Sources option (GTx) available
  • Backward compatibility with legacy scenarios enabling seamless transition from existing Spirent platforms
  • Fully future-proofed for all advances in GNSS systems, signals, modulations, codes and data


GSS9000 datasheet

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