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GAJT (pronounced “Gadget”) is the first single unit GPS anti-jam antenna appropriate for use with military land vehicles, networks and timing infrastructure. GAJT nullifies jammers, ensuring satellite signals necessary to compute position and time are always available.


NovAtel Defence Brochure
GAJT-710ML Product Sheet

GAJT is a Commercial Off-the-Shelf product, providing short order lead times and quick deployment. It easily integrates into new vehicle platforms or can be retrofitted with GPS receivers and vehicle navigation systems on existing and legacy military fleets.


  • Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS)
  • 7 antenna elements create 6 independent nulls
  • Simultaneous GPS L1 and L2 with an upgrade path for other GNSS constellations
  • M-Code ready (24 MHz bandwidth)


  • Immediate availability for urgent operational needs
  • Simple assembly means easy to install or retrofit
  • Compatible with existing GPS receivers and vehicle navigation systems
  • Non-ITAR product to ease export to authorized customers
  • Minimal integration training required

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