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The OEMStar® receiver is NovAtel’s low-cost, single-frequency receiver, it has the same form factor as NovAtel’s OEMV-1 series receivers and uses the OEMV® style command interface. These similarities allow you to easily integrate the OEMStar® into existing OEMV-1 series systems.


OEMStar v6
Receivers Brochure v21


  • Small form factor
  • Very low power consumption
  • GLIDE™ firmware option
  • API firmware option
  • Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) firmware option


  • Increased satellite availability with GLONASS tracking
  • Easy to integrate
  • Form-factor consistent with NovAtel OEMV-1 receivers
  • NovAtel OEMV® style command interface

Multi-Constellation Performance

The OEMStar® features up to 14 channels of L1 GPS only, GLONASS only or combined GPS and GLONASS code and carrier phase tracking for increased positioning accuracy and availability. The position, velocity and time information is available at up to 10 Hz, with a 1 PPS accuracy of 20 ns for GPS and 40 ns for GLONASS. The multiconstellation timing feature lets a user select a primary and secondary constellation for the timing source.

Small Form Factor with Low Power Consumption

The OEMStar® measures only 46 by 71 mm, accepts an input voltage between 3.1 and 5.25 VDC and consumes less than 500 mW. This makes the OEMStar® an attractive choice for use in handheld and battery powered applications.

Customizing with API

Application Programming Interface (API) functionality is available on the OEMStar®. Using a recommended compiler with the API library, an application can be developed in a standard C/C++ environment to run directly from the receiver platform, eliminating system hardware, reducing development time and resulting in faster time to market.

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OEMStar® Systems

The OEMStar® GNSS Receiver can be provided as an enclosed product in the following systems: