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Flexible positioning solutions ranging from single-frequency meter-level positioning to centimeter-level Precise Point Positioning (PPP) are available for the SMART2, effectively eliminating the need for costly hardware replacements as users’ requirements change, since upgrades and subscriptions can be applied directly in the field. The SMART2 integrates a NovAtel® OEM receiver and antenna in a single, rugged housing, positioning you for success.




  • GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS plus TerraStar correction signal reception
  • Optional Bluetooth
  • Optional Terrain Compensation
  • Simulated radar ground speed output
  • Integrated magnetic mounting


  • Flexible positioning accuracy from meter-level standalone positioning to centimeter-level using TerraStar-C
  • 15 cm pass-to-pass accuracy using TerraStar-L
  • Smooth, consistent positions for pass-to-pass applications with optional GLIDE® technology
  • Dual-frequency tracking increases position reliability and mitigates ionospheric effects
  • Wireless connectivity simplifies integration with tablets and other Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Terrain Compensation corrects for vehicle roll and pitch to improve performance on uneven terrain
  • Compact, waterproof, one-piece GNSS receiver solution
  • 14-pin connector provides compatibility with existing AG-STAR/SMART6 cabling and installations

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