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Inertial Labs INS are fully-integrated, combined GNSS navigation and high-performance strapdown systems, that determine position, velocity and absolute orientation (Heading, Pitch and Roll) with high accuracy for both motionless and dynamic applications.

The INS-P utilizes a single antenna GNSS receiver, barometer, 3-axes calibrated in full operational temperature range precision Fluxgate magnetometers, Accelerometers and Gyroscopes to provide accurate Position, Velocity, Heading, Pitch and Roll of the device under measure. INS-P contains Inertial Labs new on-board sensors fusion filter, state of the art navigation and guidance algorithms and calibration software.

Key Features

  • Tactical grade IMU
  • Position, Heading, Pitch, Roll, Velocity, Accelerations, Angular rate outputs
  • 200Hz data rate (INS and IMU)
  • 0.005m RMS post processed horizontal position accuracy
  • 0.01m RMS RTK horizontal position accuracy
  • 0.006° RMS post processed Pitch and Roll accuracy
  • 0.03° RMS post processed Heading accuracy
  • MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration, MIL-STD-461F EMC/EMI
  • Include magnetometer
  • 120mm x 50mm x 53mm, 280g

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