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This SPAN Combined System utilises the high precision MarinePak7 GNSS receiver combined with a NovAtel IMU and SPAN GNSS+INS technology for attitude and heave measurements which makes this combined system deliver a robust, reliable, and assured position at sea. There are two compatible IMU’s, the IMU-ISA-100C and IMU-µIMU-IC.

The MarinePak7 is a marine-certified Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver with NovAtel OEM technology that delivers precise positioning and timing for demanding nearshore marine applications.

Engineered specifically for harsh marine environments, the MarinePak7 is a marine GNSS receiver built to receive Oceanix Correction Services for nearshore applications with accuracy levels up to three centimeters (95%). The receiver features an intuitive user interface that reduces training and setup time.

The MarinePak7 supports multi-constellation GNSS signals and RTK corrections transmitted via mobile phone networks and MSK Beacon corrections.

Several optional features are available with the MarinePak7, including GNSS heading, interference mitigation and UHF radio corrections. Users can add a removable battery to make the MarinePak7 a completely portable solution. With the battery, the marine receiver continues to operate when no direct power source is available and during periods of power loss.


MarinePak7 datasheet


  • Built to endure challenging marine environments
  • Multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS signal tracking
  • GNSS+INS capabilities for velocity, attitude and heave measurements
  • Multi-channel L-Band supports Oceanix Correction Services
  • Reception of MSK Beacon corrections for safe navigation
  • Capable of PPP or RTK positioning
  • GNSS Heading
  • Internal or removable battery for a completely portable solution

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