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Single enclosure GPS/INS systems are ideal for space constrained applications, integrating GPS receiver technology with Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) and Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometer inertial components in a single compact unit. Tight coupling of the GPS and INS technologies in one enclosure optimises the raw GPS and Inertial Measurement unit (IMU) data, delivering a superior position, velocity and attitude solution.


SPAN Brochure V25


The PwrPak7-E1 contains an Epson G320N MEMS IMU to deliver world class NovAtel SPAN technology in an integrated, single box solution. This product is commercially exportable and provides an excellent price/performance/size GNSS+INS solution.


The SPAN CPT7 is a single enclosure GNSS+INS receiver powered by NovAtel’s OEM7® technology that can deliver up to centimetre-level accuracy. It’s lightweight, ultra-compact and offers a low power solution with multiple communication interfaces for easy integration on multiple platforms.