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OEM638-bannerThe SPAN on OEM638 is the most advanced high precision GNSS receiver board within NovAtel’s OEM6 series of products, with the same form factor as our legacy SPAN on OEMV-3 receiver.


OEM638 v8

From standalone metre-level to AdVance® RTK centimetre-level positioning, the fully featured OEM638 provides the flexibility to meet your unique positioning needs. With 240 channels and comprehensive tracking and positioning with all current and planned GNSS signals, the OEM638 is field upgradeable, eliminating the need for future hardware changes. The unprecedented user configurability of the OEM638 makes it an ideal solution for mobile mapping, hydrographic survey and a wide range of precision positioning applications.


  • 240 channels to support all constellations
  • Advanced interference rejection for robust operation in harsh interference environments
  • 4 GB onboard memory for data logging and easy storage and retrieval
  • Up to 200Hz inertial data output to meet your high dynamic needs


  • Current and upcoming GNSS signal support ensures future proofing of your GNSS products
  • Powerful and improved performance to work with your demanding applications
  • Application Programming Interface (API) reduces hardware requirements and complexity improving your ROI and time to market
  • SPAN® ready for rapid integration in GNSS+INS
  • Multiple communication interfaces provide flexible and fast integration