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As we have covered a wide range of markets and applications we have developed our products to be highly configurable and adaptable to meet our customers needs. Whether you need something off the shelf or specialised we can support your design requirements and ensure that your objective is met.

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Enclosed GNSS Systems

ReACT and ReACT+

The ReACT and ReACT+  (Receiver Antenna Compact Technology) Smart Antenna is a compact, rugged enclosure including a high precision GPS and  GNSS Receiver and antenna.

MICROpod GNSS System

The MICROpod  is a GNSS Receiver system that provides an interface to a range of NovAtel’s OEM6 GNSS receivers and adds the enhancement of a processor for bespoke applications.

Amplifiers and Signal Distribution

GNSS Amplifiers

The STARLINK™ GPS amplifier products includes inline amplifiers, coaxial down/up converters and fiber-optic link systems to enable and support extended cable runs for GNSS in navigation and time synchronization applications.

Specialised Systems

Optical Positioning/ Survey

We have always had a keen interest in the use of optics in navigation technology. Our research and development programs have involved own positioning from photographs and video, geo-locating and steering alignment across a range of applications and use cases.


NAVpak Software Suite

Forsberg’s NAVpak Software Suite provides a user interface for quality control, live monitoring, integrity and status analysis. The design of graphs, text displays and sky plots simplifies the examination of live and logged data to provide an advanced quality diagnosis tool.

Design Services and Consultancy


We specialise in providing products and services that best suit your Navigation requirements including complete product, OEM components, customised solutions and design services.