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We have always had a keen interest in the use of optics in navigation technology. Our research and development programs have involved own positioning from photographs and video, geo-locating and steering alignment across a range of applications and use cases. The result of this development is a series of products designed for survey and positioning applications.

OPTOnav System

OPTOnav is an integrated aerial and land survey package with built in point location and point-to-point measurement capability from a database of high resolution photographs.

Use of our Optical Technology

Some examples of our OPTOnav technology in use.

Aerial Infrastructure Inspection (2014)

Enabling the rapid collection of inspection data over several hundred kilometres of rail network at a time. This operation would be over diverse areas two or three times daily throughout the year.

Optical Steering (2006)

A major UK port required a system that would provide the heading and precise positioning of a Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane.