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CAT 1 level target coordinates

Operates in GNSS denied environments

ITAR-free software package

OPTOnav is an integrated aerial and land survey package with built in point location and point-to-point measurement capability from a database of high resolution photographs.


OPTOnav Datasheet

OPTOnav has been designed to fit into a range of land, aerial and hydrographic survey applications. The system comprises equipment modules such as GNSS, INS, camera and a tablet PC running NAVpak data collection and OPTOnav survey software. The standardised software approach makes the system easily adaptable to several popular survey methods.

Aerial Survey

The survey package has built in point location and point-to-point measurement capability. Imagery is accompanied by high precision metadata defining nine degrees of freedom. This is used for orienting imagery and locating points in real-time to 10cm (68%) at 500m. Options include stabilised turret, digital video and still camera loads, INS and OPTOnav tablet/PC.

Ground Survey

The ground survey package provides similar functionality to the aerial package but from ground level imagery. The camera load could be single or multiple fixed cameras. Alternatively a stabilised turret may be used. Performance is similar to the aerial survey package.

Handheld Survey

OPTOnav’s simplest form is a tablet with databased imagery and from this level it is possible to compute own and target positions with better than 1cm accuracy at a range of 40m using either pre-collected data or a portable digital SLR camera and GNSS receiver.

Data Management

We offer a database capability for your data that will meet ever increasing capacity requirements as your survey base grows.


OPTOnav has an easy to use calibration suite roll, pitch and azimuth boresight errors to be computed for a particular equipment fit.  The idea behind this functionality is to forego precision alignment on the ground and use actual collected data to align the camera’s boresight with the body frame of  the INS system.

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