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NovAtel CORRECT with PPP utilizes TerraStar-C corrections to provide accurate, sub-decimetre positioning around the world, anytime. The corrections are delivered over L-band directly to your OEM6 receiver without the need for additional base station infrastructure. Subscriptions for TerraStar corrections are available directly from NovAtel for land, airborne and near-shore applications.


NovAtelCORRECT with TerraStar Rev K

TerraStar Correction Services Brochure v5


  • End-to-end NovAtel single source solution including hardware, correction services and support
  • TerraStar subscriptions sold directly through NovAtel
  • Corrections delivered via satellite direct to end user
  • Available for land, airborne and near-shore applications
  • Supported on all OEM628, OEM638, SMART6-L and SPAN on OEM6 products


  • Improves accuracy and performance of solutions
  • Reliable positioning even in difficult environments
  • Simplifies equipment needs by eliminating base station
  • Sole source for GNSS hardware and corrections

Performance Details using TerraStar-C service level.

  • GPS+GLONASS solution
  • 4 cm horizontal accuracy (RMS)
    (Calculated from 7 day static data in Calgary. Accuracy will vary with observing conditions.)
  • 6.5 cm vertical accuracy (RMS)
  • Convergence to full accuracy in 20-50 minutes
    (Convergence times dependent on observing conditions including number of visible GNSS signals, level of multipath and proximity to obstructions like large trees or buildings.)

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