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We offer software and firmware products for GNSS and navigation applications. This includes software for post processing GNSS and inertial data, integrity monitoring, multiplexed data output, CAN frame configuration and more.

Waypoint GrafNav/GrafNet™

GrafNav is NovAtel’s static/kinematic baseline processor. Waypoint’s GrafNav/GrafNet is designed to achieve accuracies down to the centimetre level.

Waypoint Inertial Explorer® Xpress

Inertial Explorer Xpress provides the same core processing and utilities as Inertial Explorer along with simplified functions and workflows that have been tailored for UAV markets and small project areas.

Waypoint Inertial Explorer™

Inertial Explorer®  post-processing software from our Waypoint® Products Group is a powerful and highly configurable processing engine that allows for the best possible GNSS/INS accuracy using all available GNSS data.

NAVpak Software Suite

Forsberg’s NAVpak Software Suite provides a user interface for quality control, live monitoring, integrity and status analysis. The design of graphs, text displays and sky plots simplifies the examination of live and logged data to provide an advanced quality diagnosis tool.