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Forsberg’s NAVpak Software Suite provides a user interface for quality control, live monitoring, integrity and status analysis. The design of graphs, text displays and sky plots simplifies the examination of live and logged data to provide an advanced quality diagnosis tool.


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NavPak Brochure

NAVpak consists of two packages Basic and Premium. The basic package is included with all our GNSS products and provides multi receiver connectivity and data monitoring. The basic package is now available to download click here. The premium package includes additional elements such as the ability to graph recorded data fields and other quality control and analysis tools.


  • Live position display
  • Multi-station monitoring
  • Built in Test and quality monitoring
  • Fault detection and alarms
  • Post processing capabilities
  • Graph a range of data against time—live and post processed
  • Export to Google Earth (.kml)
  • Advanced configuration controls

Multi-station Monitoring

This enables the user to monitor multiple GNSS receivers in one screen and compare receiver quality and readings. NAVpakprovides the capability to analyse and review your GNSS receivers to identify interference issues, jamming instances, integrity problems or monitor receiver performance for testing and evaluation.

Live Operation

NAVpak connects to a live receiver to report and display position and quality data in an intuitive configurable user interface. Live monitoring of the receiver position integrity and status are reported to the user.

Post Processing

Data can be imported and played back through controls to allow it to be reviewed and analysed at a later date. This allows for precise fault finding and diagnostics of problem areas to be identified and reviewed. Receiver performance can be evaluated and compared with the ability to replay multiple files at once.

Graphs and Analysis Tools

Interrogating data can be difficult and time consuming when processed manually. NAVpak includes graphing tools to quickly graph a wide range of data fields against time. Data can be exported to images for use in reports and other information.

Built in Test and Quality Control

NAVpak provides at a glance displays for system status and position performance. An extensive set of alarms and triggers allow you to monitor your equipment to a set of defined parameters.

Export to KML

To view data on Google Earth data can be exported in to a KML format.  This is a useful function for visually checking data and for presentations and other reporting formats.

Configuration and Control

NAVpak provides configuration controls for your GNSS receiver and ensures that receiver set-up and operation is intuitive including Wizards and step through controls. When using FSL’s EDGE-WARE you will have full control over the system with an intuitive configuration suite to interact with the EDGE modules and configure the ReACT D5 or MICROpod.

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