Dealer Award photo

NovAtel’s Vice-President of Sales, Steve Duncombe, Presents Operations Director Chris Mayne with Dealer Award.

Forsberg Services were honoured to receive an award in recognition of 20 years’ service as a NovAtel Dealer.

Initially a sales outlet for NovAtel products, since 1996 we have sold directly the market leading technology directly and as part of our GNSS systems and services. Today we are proud to represent NovAtel in the U.K. and provide the full NovAtel; product line to a wide range of applications.

The beautiful, hand-carved one-of-a-kind Soapstone Bear was presented to our Operations Director Chris Mayne by NovAtel’s VP of Sales Steve Duncombe during a recent visit to NovAtel’s Calgary headquarters. He is set to have pride of place at Forsberg Services.